August 13, 2016

What is that???

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Hey Guys!

I finally used my Bug Jar that I made in Kindergarten!! 

I found an insect that looked like a leaf and a cricket!  My dad helped me research it and I learned that it’s called a Katydid!  That’s crazy!!  I also found out that they can be called a long-horned grasshopper or bush cricket!

I learned that Katydids can be green, yellow, or pink!  How cool is that?  A pink Katydid!! 

  I hope I can find one some day. 

Katydids live all over the world except Antarctica.  

I found this Katydid living on a tree in my back yard. 
I wanted to keep it for a little while but I had to let it back out into the world.  They don’t live very long.

It was exciting to watch him walk back into the woods! 

Learning something new everyday!!